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New York: +1 (347) 525-4740

Madrid: +34 666 83 85 28

I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1991, where I received my BS in Audiovisual Communication by the Universidad Europea de Madrid. My work is very influenced by my passion for architecture, cinema and digital arts, and my experience living and studying in Berlin and New York, where I graduated from Pratt Institute receiving my MFA in Digital Arts: Interactive Arts.

My work has been exhibited in various collective exhibitions among other places, in Madrid, Berlin, and New York. Also having worked with prominent artists such as Daniel Canogar, whose work has influenced my own practice. Particularly, I’m interested in the interaction between the observer, the art piece and the space, being my recent work conceived as experiential installations which combine digital media and analog materials.

Multiple combinations of the primary colors are at the origin of the chromatic variations that I investigate. The result is understood as a combinatorial game that is generated through repetitive structures and often originated from the definition of a limited number of elements and the laws that relate them. However, the works that most interest me are those that are altered by means of unexpected, random associations that break the rules and only make sense when they become visible.

The different scales of the artworks influence the way the observer perceives them. The installations with digital screens transmit chromatic and geometric sequences with which the viewer interacts. When working with lenticular elements, it is the observer who transforms with the movement the perception of the work. In the intervention I’ve made in buildings, the users themselves generate continuous changes on an urban scale in their daily activity.

My ideas materialize when the rules of a combinatorial game are subtly modified by random alterations